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B.L.A.H. (Because Life Always Happens)

A one page comic about the life and times in the People's Republic of Darodjaenia.

- Romantic

- Wholesome

- Furries


One Man Down

A graphic novel following the life and personal development of David Shepard as he comes to terms with and grows from his own personal struggles.

- Dark Comedy

- Alternate History

- Absurdist


All the Stars Have Names

The serial comic depicting the historical lore, faith, and culture of a variety of alien worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy.

- Science Fiction

- Spiritual

- Experimental

Under Construction

Small Stories and Big Accidents

A collection of short stories portrayed in comic form representing the 'gold age' of China (2010-2020) from the perspectives of the expat community.

- Comedy

- Experimential

- Slice of Life


Dancing Man Stan

The grand epic of a retail worker and his Friday evening crew turned begrudging heroes whose otherworldly quest inspires within them previously untapped leadership qualities.

- Adventure

- Satire

- Absurdist


The Nonsense Collection

This encompasses the original collection of characters, zany humor, and wild imagination.  It is the humble beginnings for many later characters, personalities, and ideas cultivated into more comprehensive and complete narratives.

- Comedy

- Absurdist

- Experimental

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